Akofena (Jun 2024)

Digital Linguistic Landscapes: Unveiling Youth Code-Switching in Computer-Mediated Communication


Journal volume & issue
Vol. 02, no. 12


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Abstract: In the dynamic digital landscape, the realm of youth communication has evolved into a captivating playground where the intricate dynamics of code-switching and language innovation manifest, characterized by the use of diverse languages or linguistic varieties. This paper seeks to delve into the underlying motivations driving code-switching and linguistic innovation among EFL learners, while concurrently scrutinizing the socio-cultural factors that influence these linguistic practices. Furthermore, it seeks to examine the profound impact exerted by technology and social media on the linguistic repertoire and communicative behaviors of the youth. Methodologically grounded in a mixed-method approach, which incorporates both quantitative and qualitative instruments for data collection, such as questionnaires and interviews, this study navigates through the linguistic landscape occupied by first-year English students at Tlemcen University(Algeria). Through systematic analysis and interpretation, the findings elucidate the emergence of a new form of written language within computer-mediated communication platforms, thereby shedding light on the youth’s' positive attitudes toward linguistic innovations. Moreover, the findings underscore the active engagement of these learners within the digital field, highlighting their adeptness in navigating the complexities of digital communication. In sum, this research contributes not only to the discourse on language variation and digital communication but also provides valuable insights into the intricate interplay between language, technology, and culture within educational contexts. Keywords: Attitudes, code-switching, computer-mediated communication, language innovation