Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Sep 2018)

Stopy zwrotu akcji małych i średnich spółek a wielkość funduszy

  • Agnieszka Moskal,
  • Danuta Zawadzka

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 132


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The purpose of this article was to examine the relationship between the size of equity funds of small and medium enterprises and the rates of return they achieved. In order to achieve this a thesis was postulated that fund’s size do not determinate rates of return from funds of small and medium-sized enterprises. The study included 17 equity funds of small and medium enterprises available on the Polish financial market. The time scope of the study covered the years 2013-2017. The analysis uses annual rates of return. As a measure of the size of the funds, the value of net assets (WAN), being in their management, was assumed. The analysis of the results allowed us to draw the conclusion that there is no unequivocal impact of the size of equity funds on the results they achieve.