Documenta Praehistorica (Nov 2021)

Chronological Modelling of the Chalcolithic Settlement Layers at Tell Yunatsite, Southern Bulgaria

  • Yavor Boyadzhiev,
  • Kamen Boyadzhiev,
  • Lennart Brandtstätter,
  • Raiko Krauß

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 48


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This article publishes a new series of radiocarbon dates from Tell Yunatsite, Southern Bulgaria. Context-based excavations undertaken over a large surface area, as well as a small test trench, provided a long stratigraphic sequence (11 ‘building levels’) covering a large part of the Chalcolithic period in Thrace (5th millennium BCE). Bayesian statistics and Gaussian Monte Carlo Wiggle Matching were employed to achieve a fine chronology for the multilayered tell. Implications and problems on the application of the calibration curve for the Late and Final Chalcolithic in Bulgaria are also discussed.