Archives of Breast Cancer (Jun 2018)

A Study on Predisposing Factors to Breast Ptosis

  • Saeed Arefanian,
  • Shahrzad Azizaddini,
  • Mohammadreza Neishaboury,
  • Sanaz Zand,
  • Soheil Saadat,
  • Ahmad Kaviani



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Background: Despite being a frequent plastic surgery complaint, the causes and predisposing factors for breast ptosis have not been studied profoundly. Studying ptosis causative factors will improve prevention, patient select and education, surgical outcome, and patient education. The present study aims to demonstrate the potential predisposing factors for breast ptosis. Methods: In a 6-month study was conducted at the research department of Kaviani Breast Diseases Institute, Tehran, Iran, all female patients referring to the breast clinic were assessed. Patients with a background of severe comorbidities, history of breast surgery, and breast cancer were excluded. Data on demographic characteristics, current and past medical history, physical examination, and ptosis presence grade were collected. Results: A total number of 141 patients, with the mean age of 35.8 years, were included. About 72% of the patients had varying grades of breast ptosis. Patients with ptosis tended to be of older age, weight, BMI, and brassiere size, were more likely to be menopausal, and had begun wearing brassiere at younger ages. The ordinal model revealed an association between ptosis and age, age at wearing brassiere, current breast size, and smaller cup size in patients. Conclusion: We suggest age and breast size as the predisposing factors for breast ptosis. In our study, there was no relation between breast ptosis and history of lactation or the number of pregnancies. The effects of hormonal and menstrual status, as well as drinking and smoking habits, need to be investigated further.