Arquivos Brasileiros de Psicologia (Sep 2014)

Psicologia e marketing: da parceria à crítica

  • Isleide Arruda Fontenelle

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 60, no. 2
pp. 143 – 157


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This study aims at presenting the historical relationship between Psychology and Marketing using two approaches: reclaiming the history of marketing thought and the importance psychological studies has had in its constitution; and weaving the construction of consumer history which engaged both subjects. It must be understood as a political project to the development of a new mentality, when psychology and marketing are actors and products in a new culture development. The focus is the American society, which is paradigmatic in creating a consumption society and also in spreading the bibliography about it. Concluding, we suggest a critical reflection upon the history of this relationship. It is related to a critical Psychology, presents in The Frankfurt School studies, in which marketing is the research object as for to understand a kind of social development and be critical about it.