Tropicultura (Jan 1997)

Elevage commercial de grenouilles en Malaisie

  • Hardouin, J.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 4
pp. 209 – 213


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Commercial Frog Production in Malaysia. Commercial frog farms exist in several countries. It seems hopeless believing that frog leg consumption can be prohibited, and the solution is probably a very strict control of the origin of the legs sold and imported. Uncontrolled hunting-poaching of frogs should be replaced by sustainable and rational breeding of frogs for sale. A large frog farm located near Singapore is described with the infrastructure and the management of the production. The two species bred are the American and the Asian bull-frogs Rana catesbeiana and R. tigerina. It is also mentioned that appropriate slaughtering techniques exist for frogs based on same guidelines as for conventional farm animals.