La prensa napoleónica en España (1808-1814). Una perspectiva.

El Argonauta Español. 2013;10 DOI 10.4000/argonauta.1848


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Journal Title: El Argonauta Español

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Publisher: Temps, Espaces, Langages, Europe Méridionale-Méditerranée (TELEMME)

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Antonio Checa Godoy


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The press related to Joseph I’s regime in Spain in 1808-1814, the Napoleonic press, has deserved, up to recent dates, little attention from historians, being considered as an intruder and his editors as traitors. Today a more balanced vision prevails. The present article offers a big picture of this press: his creators, his maintenance, his contents and obsessions and especially those who wrote it and which was their fate after the exit of the Napoleonic troops of the Iberian peninsula.