Acta Iuris Stetinensis (Jan 2019)

Regulacje prawne i ich wpływ na zarządzanie gospodarką odpadami komunalnymi na przykładzie miasta Białystok

  • Mateusz Łajewski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 26


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The aim of the article is presentation and explanation how the incorporation of European Union regulations related to communal waste management influenced on the realization of the task and selection of the model in which the city of Bialystok will be supplying these services. In researchers have been used methods like analysis of state legal acts related to communal waste management, analysis of local legal acts, and analysis of source literature. According to the analysis of Act from 13th of September 1996 “Maintenance of cleanliness and order in communes” and implemented changes concluded that incorporation of European Union regulations obligated the city of Bialystok and other communes to organized the tender in which they will select entities responsible for the realization of services related to communal waste management. The aim of these changes was the growth of timeless and quality of supplying services. For the effective and economic realization of the tasks, the city of Białystok based on the tender chose company “Lech” which is a communal company with 100% city contribution. The company has been obligated for the execution of the tender which selects the entities responsible for communal waste disposal, signing the contracts and supervision of tasks realization. That move allowed the city to transfer a part of own tasks on company “Lech” and reduce costs related to communal waste management. It should be stressed that the effect of state legislative changes was the change of the model of realization of tasks related to communal waste management from commercial one to commercialoutsourcing which is used in the city of Białystok.