Journal of Cannabis Research (Oct 2021)

Reasons for using cannabidiol: a cross-sectional study of French cannabidiol users

  • Davide Fortin,
  • Vincent Di Beo,
  • Sophie Massin,
  • Yann Bisiou,
  • Patrizia Carrieri,
  • Tangui Barré

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1
pp. 1 – 5


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Abstract Background Cannabidiol and cannabidiol-based products are proliferating in many countries. This recent and rapid diffusion prompts investigating the reasons for its use. Methods We analyzed data from an online survey among cannabidiol users in the French general population (n = 1166) selected for their interest in such products. We described the reported reasons for using cannabidiol. We performed logistic regressions to identify the correlates of declaring well-being and other specific reasons for using cannabidiol. We also provided descriptive data regarding the cannabidiol patterns of use. Results Well-being was the most cited primary reason for use (27% of the sample). Declaring well-being as a primary reason for using cannabidiol was inversely associated with cigarette smoking, cannabis use, and employment. Among cannabidiol users reporting well-being as their primary reason for use, stress and sleep improvements were the most-cited specific reasons. In the whole study sample, the most common modes of use were smoking cannabidiol-rich cannabis (61%) and ingesting cannabidiol oil sublingually (19%). Conclusions In a sample of cannabidiol users from France, well-being was the most-cited primary reason for use, and smoking was the first route of administration. Further research is needed to clarify to what extent expected effects are scientifically sound and to understand country-related specificities regarding patterns of use.