Acta Polytechnica (Jan 2012)

Energy Estimation of Distributed Phase-shift Beamforming

  • Viktor Černý

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 52, no. 5


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Ad-hoc and sensor networks are composed of small, low-power devices, which can connect between themselves without the help of an infrastructure. Research in this area has been both extensive and intensive and is still very far from exhaustion. Our work in this area is aimed at developing a new type of communication between groups of modules capable of connecting clusters (groups) of devices which are separated by distances greater than the maximum transmission range of the devices themselves, without the help of relays or signal repeaters. In this paper we study the energy requirements for bidirectional communication between two clusters separated by a distance greater than the maximum transmission range of the modules, in the classic way (with the use of repeaters or relays) and by applying distributed phase-shift beamforming.