Aspekti Publìčnogo Upravlìnnâ (Oct 2019)

State support as the main component of state policy in the development of animal husbandry

  • Alexander Lavruk

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 6-7
pp. 38 – 49


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The article highlights the role of the state in the regulation of production processes and indicates the need to overcome the crisis in animal husbandry, one of the leading sectors of economic growth of production, which requires the appropriate impact of the state, through the formation of state support and implementation of effective public policy. State decisions have been formed, the main components and objectives of the state policy and the list of measures for its implementation in animal husbandry is now an urgent issue. It is established that not only the socio-economic development of the state, but also the level of its food security depends on the existing problems in animal husbandry. It is argued that public policy should address the ever-emerging human needs for animal products with the ability of the state and society to meet them. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the essence, theoretical and methodological foundations and conceptual approaches to the formation of state support of livestock as the main component of state policy. Accordingly, the need to direct public policy measures to improve public support, which provides for the implementation, through funding from the state budget, innovative renewal and regulation of production activities in animal husbandry. The directions of expenses according to the state budget of Ukraine in support of animal husbandry are considered. Functions and principles of state support and regulation of production activity in animal husbandry are investigated. Priorities of the state support of animal husbandry are defined: improvement of financial and credit and investment policy of the state concerning the accelerated increase of a livestock of cattleand production by subjects of managing high-quality livestock production. Directions of financial and economic stimulation of production and increase of efficiency of the state financial support of further development of animal husbandry are offered.