Partidos políticos, ideologias e política externa nas eleições presidenciais brasileiras de 2014

Colombia Internacional. 2017;90:191-220 DOI 10.7440/colombiaint90.2017.07


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Journal Title: Colombia Internacional

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Publisher: Universidad de los Andes

Society/Institution: Universidad de los Andes, Departamento de Ciencia Política

LCC Subject Category: Political science: International relations | Political science: Political science (General)

Country of publisher: Colombia

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Flavio Contrera (Universidade Federal de São Carlos (Brasil) )

Matheus Lucas Hebling (Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brasil))


Double blind peer review

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This study aimed to identify the ideological positions of Brazilian parties on the issue of foreign policy and their positions about Brazil’s role abroad in the presidential election of 2014. The results show that the ideological space in which the parties classified themselves along the left-to-right scale on foreign policy is quite similar to the way they are generally classified by political analysts in studies that do not consider foreign policy in isolation. Furthermore, the findings show that most of the parties defended Brazil’s playing a major role in foreign policy, although they differ regarding the strategic alliances that the country should establish.