Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals (Sep 2003)

China and regional conflictivity: a panoramic look

  • Augusto Soto

Journal volume & issue
no. 63
pp. 83 – 100


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From the Chinese-American détente of the 1980s until present-day China, we should examine and compare the challenges of a de-ideologised environment in a new framework of confrontation with the United States. An attentive look at the map will verify that several of China’s neighbouring countries have drawn closer to Washington in the context of its new doctrine of security, and they have even accepted American troops, advisers and economic aid. In relation to its neighbours, Beijing finds itself in a strategic position in which its northwestern flank is more favourable than its eastern one. On the other hand, Beijing has displayed a promising relationship with regional organisations, like the Regional Forum of ASEAN and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Nevertheless, it has little real maneuverability today in managing the Taiwan and North Korean conflicts.