Antarctic Record (Dec 1976)

Chlorophyll-α Contents in the Surface Water Observed During the Relief Voyage of FUJI to Syowa Station, Antarctica, in 1975-1976

  • Yoshikuni OHYAMA,
  • Tsutomu MAYAMA

Journal volume & issue
no. 57
pp. 115 – 122


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During the relief voyage of FUJI to Syowa Station, Antarctica, from November 1975 to April 1976, the chlorophyll contents in surface water were measured twice a day as a routine shipboard oceanographic observation. The distribution of chlorophyll contents during the cruise did not show a marked difference from the past years. The maximum value (2.49mg/m^3) was recorded in the pack-ice region in the Antarctic Ocean off Prince Olav Coast. High values more than 0.4mg/m^3 were observed in such region as the Makassar Strait, Sub-Antarctic sea and the Malacca Strait. After leaving the ice edge off Syowa Station, the vessel sailed up to the north along about 33.5°E which is far east compared with the course of the previous voyages, which added new data in the series of chlorophyll observation.