Сельскохозяйственные машины и технологии (Apr 2015)

MODERN TECHNOLOGIES AND SPECIAL EQUIPMENT FOR POTATO PRODUCTION (Following materials of the Potato Europe 2014 exhibition, part 1)

  • A. Yu. Izmaylov,
  • N. N. Kolchin,
  • Ya. P. Lobachevskiy,
  • N. G. Kynev

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 2
pp. 45 – 48


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The Potato Europe exhibition was organized in Germany in autumn of 2014. Exhibits were showed in special pavilion, at open stands in a tent complex and on specially prepared potato field. More than 200 exponents, generally from the European countries presented all necessary for modern potato production: varieties, various production technologies, special technical machines (cultivators, potato planters, combines, vehicles, lines for postharvest processing of tubers, fragments of complexes for storage and commodity preparation of tubers and production of various potato products), laboratory equipment for determination of parameters of technologies, machines, working conditions, properties of soils, plants, tubers, the wide range of components and replacement parts. Electronic separators of firms Tomra Sorting Solutions group (Belgium) which are produced in several modifications were shown. They replace hand-labour at stages of preparation for realization of wide scale of production (potatoes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat production). A tent complex show included various elements of technologies of modern mechanical production of potatoes and technical means for their implementation. One of the main features of this display - rather large number of the participants representing eurocontainers and technical means for their transportation, loading, a washing and disinfecting. The plant machines at demonstration of ridges formation were presented on a special field.