Przeszłość Demograficzna Polski (Jan 2015)

Niemiecki dyskurs polityczny wokół „powrotu do natury” w kontekście umieralności niemowląt (początek XX wieku)

  • Dariusz K. Chojecki

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 37


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The article presents politicians’ views – often referring to scientific findings – on the reason of a relatively high infant mortality rate in Germany just before the First World War; it also outlines the remedies for that phenomenon. The analysis has been carried out on the basis of the published stenographic records of the meetings at the Reichstag building. The narrative is based on an objective comparative method, according to which a direct assessment of facts, events and processes is forbidden. The juxtaposed contents highlight a strong polarisation of political views, on the one hand represented by social democrats, and on the other by the rest of the members of Parliament and people connected with the Government, which allows insight into the theoretical and practical premises of the actions undertaken.