Journal of Advanced Dielectrics (Oct 2022)

Creation and research of the SAW transducer with a single-phase grid and a piezoelectric zinc oxide film

  • G. Ya. Karapetyan,
  • M. E. Kutepov,
  • E. M. Kaidashev,
  • A. L. Nikolaev

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 05


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A method for obtaining a new type of surface acoustic wave (SAW) transducer operating at double frequency with a single-phase closed-loop lattice and a piezoelectric zinc oxide film is developed and experimentally investigated. A method for calculating such a transducer has been developed, its equivalent circuit has been compiled, taking into account propagation losses, losses in the metal film and the inductance of the connecting wires. When the frequency is doubled, the SAW attenuation per unit length increases.