Expanding the framework of the varieties of capitalism: Turkey as a hierarchical market economy

Journal of Eurasian Studies. 2018;9(1):42-51 DOI 10.1016/j.euras.2017.12.004


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Jiyan Kıran


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This article both extends the debate on the varieties of capitalism theory beyond the existing literature to solve the ambiguous position of the variety of capitalism that is found in Turkey and brings a novel approach to the studies of the political economy of Turkey by adopting a firm-centred position using the varieties of capitalism framework. Based on a qualitative comparison with the dependent market economies (DMEs), mixed market economies (MMEs) and hierarchical market economies (HMEs), this article claims that Turkey is a hierarchical market economy with four characteristic features that are also found in Latin American economies. These core features are the dominance of the family-owned diversified business groups, state-regimented and weak industrial relations, low skills and the influence of MNCs.