Jisuanji kexue yu tansuo (Oct 2021)

Forward Secure Lattice-Based Sequential Aggregate Signature Schemes in Stan-dard Model

  • XIE Jia, HU Yupu, GAO Juntao, WANG Baocang, JIANG Mingming

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 10
pp. 1912 – 1920


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In the forward secure sequential aggregate (FssAgg) signature scheme, the signer combines signatures generated in different intervals under different secret keys incrementally and sequentially in a layered “onion-like” fashion with the first signature innermost in the aggregate. In contrast with general (not forward-secure) aggregate signature schemes which aggregate signatures from multiple signers, a FssAgg signature scheme aggregates signatures of a single signer not the signatures of different signers, so the verifier uses a single public key to verify the entire aggregate. With the advantages of forward secure signature and the aggregate signature at the same time, the FssAgg signature scheme has been widely applied in logging systems and blockchain since it was proposed in 2007. Although there have been several FssAgg signature schemes, all of them are based on the classic number theory problem, which are no longer secure in the quantum era. So looking for the quantum-immune FssAgg signature is much urgent. Based on the small integer solution over lattice, a FssAgg signature in the standard model is proposed. In order to improve the efficiency, this paper uses the fixed-dimensional lattice basis delegation technique to update the keys, and the forward security is achieved. This paper uses the message addition technique and the pre-image sampling technique to embed the message and the small integer solution into the signature process, and the existentially unforgeability of the scheme is also guranteed in the standard model.