Specyfika relacji transcendentalnych w ujęciu Mieczysława Alberta Krąpca

Studia Gilsoniana. 2020;9(1):143-165 DOI 10.26385/SG.090105


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Journal Title: Studia Gilsoniana

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Piotr Stoll


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"The Specificity of Transcendental Relations According to Mieczysław Albert Krąpiec": The paper is aimed at systematizing the thoughts of Mieczysław A. Krąpiec on the subject of relations. The author reconstructs Krąpiec’s justification for the reality of relations, the distinction of necessary relations, and the importance of relations in metaphysical cognition. The analyses are conducted on the basis of the following problems: a) the existence of beings, and especially the subontic relationship between essence and existence that runs through all reality; b) the way in which beings exist and are cognized, where transcendental relations indicate the analogous character of these beings; c) the cognition of the Absolute, which is only possible through the discovery of transcendental relations in contingent beings.