Comparação da força muscular entre mulheres brasileiras com e sem síndrome metabólica

ConScientiae Saúde. 2011;10(4):708-714


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Journal Title: ConScientiae Saúde

ISSN: 1677-1028 (Print); 1983-9324 (Online)

Publisher: Universidade Nove de Julho

LCC Subject Category: Medicine: Internal medicine: Specialties of internal medicine: Diseases of the musculoskeletal system | Medicine: Internal medicine: Special situations and conditions: Sports medicine

Country of publisher: Brazil

Language of fulltext: Portuguese, SPANISH, English



Ramires Alsamir Tibana
Vitor Tajra
Denis César
Darlan Lopes de Farias
Tatiane Gomes Teixeira
Jonato Prestes



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Introduction: Metabolic syndrome (MS) is characterized by the combination of several cardiovascular risk factors such as: abdominal obesity, arterial hypertension, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance/type 2 diabetes, and dyslipidemia. Some studies have shown that low levels of muscle strength are strongly associated with the prevalence of MS; however, no studies have examined muscle strength in Brazilian women with MS. Objective: To compare the muscle strength between Brazilian women with and without MS. Methods: We evaluated 17 (37.2±8.2 years) Brazilian women with MS and 21 (33.2±7.6 years) Brazilian women without the MS. Metabolic syndrome was defined according to the National Cholesterol Education Program - Adult Treatment Panel III, and the muscle strength was measured by the handgrip test. Results: The muscle strength normalized per body weight was significantly lower in subjects with MS (p=0.005). Conclusion: Women with MS present relative muscle strength values lower than healthy women.