Развитие образования (2021-03-01)

Features of Physical Training of Students to Pass the Standards of the GTO Complex for Strength

  • Elena G. Ermakova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 24 – 28


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The sphere of activity of students is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, they are at risk of many diseases that develop due to lack of physical activity. That is why there is a subject «physical education» in their curriculum. Educational institutions use the standards of the complex «Ready for Labor and Defense» (GTO) to assess the physical fitness of students. This article provides information about the history of the complex «Ready for Labor and Defense» (GTO) and its contribution to the lives of students, characterizes and reviews the features of physical training of students of strength orientation to pass the standards of the GTO for strength, lists the reasons for choosing the complex GTO as a way to assess students and conducts research to identify the effectiveness of using strength exercises necessary for students to achieve the standards of the complex GTO for strength, in the framework of physical education. Research Methods. Developed strength-oriented physical exercises were carried out in physical education classes, the method of a step-by-step increase in load with an individual approach, the method of control exercises and the method of comparative analysis of the first and second stages of the study. Results of the study. With the help of the conducted experiment a significant dynamic of all the results is observed, the comparative indicators are presented in the diagram, conclusions are drawn that systematic lessons strength orientation with a gradual increase in load, with improvement of technique of correct exercise contribute to the development of the physical quality «strength».