Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment (Jul 2016)

Accumulation of Arsenic and Mercury in Different Bio-bed Padding Materials

  • LIU Tian-yu ,
  • LI Jian-hui ,
  • LIU Shu-tong ,
  • YU Xiao-yan ,
  • YIN Wei-qin ,
  • WANG Xiao-zhi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 33, no. 4
pp. 369 – 375


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In order to study the accumulation and distribution of As, Hg in different bio-bed padding materials while implementing bio-bed raising method, three kinds of bio-bed padding materials were well designed, which consisted of sawdust(S), sawdust + rice husk(SR) and sawdust + rice husk + straw(SRS). For a year and a half, the contents of As, Hg at different depth were measured when four groups of fattening pig breeding had finished to analyze the accumulation and distribution of As, Hg in different bio-bed padding materials, which could provide a theoretical basis for follow-up application of bio-bed padding materials in agriculture. The results showed that, the accumulation of As and Hg, at different levels, occurred during four pig-raising cycles. When 4 groups of fattening pig breeding finished, the largest accumulation of As and Hg occurred in SRS bio-beds, respectively reached 1921.7 mg per sty and 21.1 mg per sty. The As and Hg contents of S, SR,SRS were 2.921, 2.190, 2.621 mg·kg-1 and 0.048, 0.036, 0.042 mg·kg-1, respectively, which met the China's Organic Fertilizer Agriculture Standards(NY 525-2012), and Farmland Environmental Quality Evaluation Standards For Edible Agricultural Products(HJ/T 332-2006).