Energy Reports (Nov 2022)

Research on auxiliary resonant commutated pole inverter for driving brushless DC motor

  • Miao-miao Cheng,
  • Xiao-wei Zhang,
  • Peng-hui Zhai

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8
pp. 1184 – 1191


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The brushless DC motor is generally used in small satellite flywheel systems due to its good control performance and structure robustness. However, its driving inverter still suffers from hard-switching that leads to higher loss and larger heatsink requirement. The resulting low power density and EMI problems have been a great challenge for the space satellite applications. This paper describes a novel auxiliary resonant commutated pole inverter (ARCPI) for driving the brushless DC motor. An inserted inductor is controlled to resonant with the buffer capacitor of the inverter’s lower arm switches; a resonant capacitor is paralleled with the inductor branch as well. Zero-current switching and zero-voltage switching conditions are therefore realized for the switches of the entire circuit. The reverse recovery problem of diodes are also avoided by zero current turning-off. The working states of the proposed novel ARCPI inverter are analyzed and the mathematical model for every state is established. Furthermore, the parameter design is discussed to provide soft-switching conditions. Finally, the proposed ARCPI inverter is applied for driving a brushless DC motor. A voltage/current double closed control loop is designed for the motor controller and the system simulation setup is built. The simulation results prove that soft-switching operation is realized for all of the switches; the proposed inverter is effective for driving brushless DC motors. Besides, the motor current fluctuation decreases by 45.7%. The motor torque and the motor speed present with good control performance as well.