IEEE Photonics Journal (Jan 2022)

A Negative-Curvature Hollow-Core Fiber Structure With Double Trigonal-Symmetrical Anti-Resonant Elements

  • Yanyan Zhou,
  • Ruiting Cao,
  • Shijie Wang,
  • Jinggang Peng,
  • Haiqing Li,
  • Yingbo Chu,
  • Yingbin Xing,
  • Nengli Dai,
  • JinYan Li

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 1
pp. 1 – 6


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We propose a novel negative-curvature hollow-core fiber structure with double trigonal-symmetrical anti-resonant elements implementing single-mode or polarization-maintaining transmission for high-power laser delivery in the 1 µm wavelength window. For the single-mode fiber, the single-mode performance with a higher-order modes extinction ratio (HOMER) as high as 4.65*104 is achieved, and it remains >1*104 with a large fault tolerance proportion of tubes size, which can increase the flexibility of fiber fabrication. For another polarization-maintaining fiber, an ultra-low confinement loss of 0.005 dB/m is obtained for polarization-maintaining transmission by optimizing the refractive index of the two transverse glass tubes, while the polarization extinction ratio and HOMER remain both >1*103. This is the first birefringent negative-curvature hollow-core fiber with a loss below 0.01 dB/m in the 1 µm wavelength window.