Research and Science Today (Mar 2019)

Research and Science Today No. 1(17)/2019

  • Snejana SULIMA,
  • Victoria Ogechukwu NWACHUKWU,
  • Chijioke NWACHUKWU,
  • Dorin SAVIN,
  • Hassen NAGESSO,
  • Tariku AYELE,
  • Birhanu NIGUSSIE,
  • Costina SFINTEŞ,
  • Flavius Cristian MĂRCĂU,
  • Paula MUREȘAN,
  • Claudiu – Constantin TALABĂ,
  • Vasile-Cătălin GOLOP,
  • Andrea-Ioana ROȘCA,
  • Angelo PAPA,
  • Iuliu-Marius MORARIU,
  • Pompiliu-Nicolae CONSTANTIN,
  • Waktole HAILU DUGUMA,
  • Mirabela Rely Odette CURELAR,
  • Najeh LAKHOUA,
  • Corina MEIANU,
  • Carmen PREDA,
  • Gabriel BECHEANU,
  • Cosmin CIORA,
  • Doina PROCA,
  • Mona DUMBRAVA,
  • Alexandru LUPU,
  • Mircea DICULESCU,
  • Bogdan SOCEA,
  • Anca NICA,
  • Alexandru SMARANDA,
  • Alexandru CARÂP,
  • Vlad Dumitru BĂLEANU,
  • Dragoş Virgil DAVIŢOIU,
  • Tiberiu Ştefăniţă ŢENEA-COJAN,
  • Ovidiu BRATU,
  • Ramona-Mihaela NEDELCUŢĂ,
  • Gigi CĂLIN,
  • Cosmin Alexandru CIORA,
  • Irene RASANU,
  • Corina MEIANU,
  • Carmen PREDA,
  • Gabriel BECHEANU,
  • Doina PROCA,
  • Mona DUMBRAVA,
  • Alexandru LUPU,
  • Mircea DICULESCU

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 17
pp. 1 – 245


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