Sur la connaissance à travers la fiction et la non-fiction

Anadiss. 2017;2(24):87-95


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Journal Title: Anadiss

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Publisher: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava

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Country of publisher: Romania

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Mariana BOCA (Université „Stefan cel Mare” de Suceava (Roumanie))


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The work starts from a common perception of literature. Literature is identified with fiction, which would be the opposite of non-fiction. And fiction is often seen as a more or less credible lie, while only nonfiction would contain the truth. This idea directly contradicts the treatment of literature as a source of knowledge. This work attempts to demonstrate that the relationship between fiction and non-fiction is not opposition but complementarity. Nonfiction is no more true than fiction, due to its denotative character. The notion of intentionality and reality of the mind is invoked in argumentation. Fiction and nonfiction express the approximation of truth, approximation contained in the reality of the individual mind from which they come.