Acta Universitatis Danubius: Administratio (Dec 2015)

The Public Notary and the Bailiff as Contributors to the Rule of Law

  • Mihaela Carausan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 2
pp. 5 – 12


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The study focussed on two professional groups: the public notary and the bailiffs’ professions. Indeed, these groups fulfil a particular place within society, which is among other things manifested by the fact that they are subject to a code of confidentiality and the privilege of non-disclosure. Although the main thrust of this article is on their contribution to the rule of law, this article will also highlight the various manifestations of administrative mechanisms borrowed from the civil service system and how these two professionals execute the law. The article presents shortly each one of them tasks, professional standards and the legal framework. After the introduction of each professions, there is a discussion of a number of factors that may influence the execution of the law. Thirdly, the article gives an overview of their contribution. Finally, attention is paid to their Romanian and European organisation within Chambers, Unions and European Union Councils.