SHS Web of Conferences (2017-01-01)

Organizational networks with self-standing interests

  • Say Vasily,
  • Sizyi Sergey,
  • Gromov Igor

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35
p. 01018


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With the development of world economy gradual replacing of traditional organizational structures by organizational networks, take place. New organizational complexes set difficult tasks for researchers considering optimum building and functioning of organizational networks. In these conditions, a key focus of organization network research is simulating the interaction process as well as network’s integrated quantitative assessment based on this simulation. A distinctive feature of the applied simulating approach is formalization of interaction processes between the integrator and network entities taking into account their contradictory interests. The integrated quantitative assessment of a network is offered proceeding from understanding that the general purpose of functioning is satisfying society needs with products and services of a network.