iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry (Feb 2018)

Kinetic analysis of poplar wood properties by thermal modification in conventional oven

  • Marcon B,
  • Goli G,
  • Matsuo-Ueda M,
  • Denaud L,
  • Umemura K,
  • Gril J,
  • Kawai S

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1
pp. 131 – 139


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The kinetics of several poplar (Populus alba L.) wood properties during thermal modification conducted in conventional oven with air recirculation were analysed and modelled in this paper. A wide range of properties was assessed, such as: equilibrium moisture content, sorption diagram, shrinkage coefficients, specific shrinkage coefficients, mass loss, modulus of elasticity, strength and colour. The tests were executed at different temperatures ranging from 90 °C to 180 °C and with different durations. The time-temperature equivalency was checked and property modifications over time analysed through master curves in order to obtain a general model connecting together properties, treatment temperature and duration. Different activation energies arising from each property evolution with treatment temperature and duration are provided showing that every modification could occur with different kinetics.