Granì (Apr 2014)

Using situational tests in empirical sociology: heuristic potential and specificity

  • I. S. Nechitaylo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 5
pp. 69 – 74


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In the article possibilities of application of test on grouping of pictures in empiric sociology are analyzed. Attention is accented on the underestimation of heuristic potential of some situation tests in sociology, on the insufficient worked out of their sociological variations, and problematical character of adaptation of tests to the situation of the mass questioning. Being guided by experience application of the test on grouping of pictures in foreign sociology, an author offers methodology of research of cognitive resource as the latent “mediator” of processes of (re)production of social inequality and social structure. In the article the results of pilotage researching project are presented, that determine the further prospects of realization of more scale research on a representative selection. Being base on results of research an author draws conclusion that research of cognitive code by means of the use of test on grouping of pictures allows to go out for scopes psychology and do important sociological conclusions in relation to development (perfections, adjustments) of curriculums that would promote to smoothing of chances of people from different social layers and/or socially­class groups on success in education, and consequently, to smoothing of social chances on moving toward higher positions in social space.