Agricultural and Food Economics (Oct 2021)

Why consumers drink natural wine? Consumer perception and information about natural wine

  • Riccardo Vecchio,
  • Eva Parga-Dans,
  • Pablo Alonso González,
  • Azzurra Annunziata

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 1
pp. 1 – 16


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Abstract Similar to other foods, the concept of natural wine is much debated due to the lack of a clear and regulated definition, leading to a proliferation of heterogeneous norms and standards proposed from different natural wine associations at national levels. The current study explored the aspects which mediate individuals’ information and perception of natural wine, and the rationale behind natural wine consumption behavior among Italian (n = 501) and Spanish (n = 527) regular wine consumers. The results reveal a quite low self-reported degree of perceived information by Italian respondents and slightly higher levels among Spanish ones. The key drivers of natural wine consumption in both countries are wine consumption frequency, information, and natural product interest. In contrast, higher wine involvement levels decrease natural wine consumption frequency in both Italy and Spain. The findings also show that different perceptions lead to diverse motivations, suggesting the need for more homogeneous standards to mitigate the level of information asymmetry currently on the market.