Развитие образования (2021-02-01)

The Adapted Program as the Main Tool of Modeling the Educational Environment of Students with Disabilities in the System of Secondary Vocational Education

  • Nadezhda P. Polyakova,
  • Olga L. Bogatyreva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 14 – 18


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Introduction. The problems of inclusive education in the system of secondary vocational education have recently become particularly relevant due to the increasing number of students with limited health opportunities and disabilities. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find the best ways to build an educational route for students of these categories. Such an educational trajectory should not only include special conditions that ensure the satisfaction of the special educational needs of such students, but also be aimed at mastering the professional competencies necessary for a modern competitive individual in the labor market. The main tool for implementing the inclusive model of education should be considered an adapted educational program of secondary vocational education. However, the implementation mechanism of this normative document still continues to raise many questions and difficulties. That is why this study was conducted, which involved teachers and masters of vocational training in the system of secondary vocational education, aimed at identifying the difficulties that arise in the implementation of adapted educational programs. The obtained results demonstrated the ambiguity of the current situation in the field of building and implementing an inclusive model in the system of secondary vocational education and allowed us to offer the authors possible solutions to these situations.