Akademisk Kvarter (Jan 2023)

Dansk grønlandslitteratur og jagten på det antropocæne

  • Emilie Dybdal


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Danish Greenland-literature and the hunt for the anthropocene This article examines the role of climate change and the Anthropocene in contemporary Danish literature about Greenland. I argue that even though Danish literature in general has been very concerned with anthropogenic climate change in recent years, this is not the case for Danish literature specifically about Greenland. To illustrate this, I begin with a short literary overview, after which I focus on the novel Korsveje i Nord (2015) by Bjarne Ljungdahl. This book, I define as an example of cli-fi (“climate fiction” or “climate change fiction”) that does engage with Greenland, and I analyze its view on the Anthropocene. Following this main part of the article, I briefly discuss what potentials cli-fi’s such as Korsveje i Nord might hold in the discussion of anthropogenic climate change and the Anthropocene, and I turn my attention to literature about Greenland from outside Denmark.