Развитие образования (2020-03-01)

Organizational and Content Aspects of Implementation of Inclusive Education

  • Nadezhda P. Polyakova,
  • Svetlana N. Silanteva,
  • Valentina I. Trofimova

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (7)
pp. 63 – 66


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This article discusses the implementation of a model of inclusive education in general education organizations and the construction of an educational route for students with disabilities. It is through the substantive and organizational sections of the adapted basic general education programmes that special conditions are created and observed to ensure that children with special needs and disabilities have equal access to quality education in general education organizations, taking into account the peculiarities of their psychophysical development and the recommendations of psychological, medical and pedagogical commissions. The main aim of the study is to systematize and improve the professional competencies in supervisors and teachers – members of the working groups on the development of adapted basic general education programs of educational organizations. In order to achieve the aim of this study, the following analytical methods have been employed: retrospective analysis of scientific literature, content analysis of periodical press and proceedings of scientific conferences on the subject; as well as practical methods (including own experience of working in the fields of specialized education and advanced training). In addition, BE of FVE “Chuvash Republican Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education of Chuvashia” proposed a program of advanced training “Organizational and Substantive Aspects of Inclusive Education,” based on legal, theoretical and methodological principles. The results of the conducted study show that supervisors and teachers – members of the working groups – are gaining significant practical knowledge of developing adapted basic general education programmes. It can be concluded that the planned results of the program suggest elimination of professional deficiency concerning the organizational and substantive issues of constructing an educational route for children with disabilities in conditions of inclusive education, as well as development of adapted basic general education programs of an educational organization.