Derecho Animal (2019-01-01)

Pan y Toros. Breve historia del pensamiento antitaurino español

  • Benito Alaez Corral

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1
pp. 211 – 213


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Advocates of bullfighting state that the movement of defending bulls is a passing fad. However, this essay proves with historical evidence centuries of anti-bullfighting thinking, silenced in our country. Spanish anti-bullfighting thinking dates back to the thirteenth century. Since then relevant jurists, philosophers, painters, clergy, military, politicians, journalists and historians have left their anti-bullfighting ideas. Women also have an important role in this historical journey, not only as defenders of animals in general but of bulls in particular. The current Spanish society will be surprised by the weight and the existence of Spanish anti-bullfighting thinking that has been produced along these centuries and should not be forgotten.