Sociologies (Oct 2019)

Défendre une éducation inclusive dans un contexte néolibéral : l’apport des récits d’enseignant∙e∙s

  • Raquel Fernandez-Iglesias,
  • Ana Iglesias Galdo


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In Switzerland, the discourse of the educational policies of school integration, at inter-cantonal level and in Geneva, defends strategies of integration instead of separation. However, the data collected in the framework of the doctoral thesis of one of the authors of this paper, suggest that solutions focussed on separation are maintained and even reinforced (Fernandez-Iglesias, 2016). Taking as a starting point the narratives of the teaching staff that took part in that research, we intend to delve into some obstacles that are holding back the development of inclusive education, focussing on the effects that the neoliberal logics has in the teaching practice. We question if the inclusive will characterizes a model of educational policy that guarantees its development, or if it works as a fashion slogan, but lacks a real commitment to curricular justice (Torres, 2010).