Travessias (Aug 2008)


  • Beatriz Helena Dal Molin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 2


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In this work that combines sound, images, memory and technology we present pioneers weddings photographs from a city in southwest of Parana. The images are part of historical research about pioneers life that populated the region from the years 1930 to 1975. We have written quickly about the history of the bride dresses through the ages. The photographs are part of a historical research based on the current History of Life and therefore we held in this work, the real dates of the weddings realizations. The haicais we have built reveal the stories of pioneers life in the poetic way that is in the scene. Gilles Deleuze is the theorist who gives support to this work, for we understand through the reading of his work, how of rhizome, uniqueness, multiplicity, territorial and dispossession brings up the choice of feminine clothing to a specific time. The photographs were elected as our operators of connections to enter in the deleuziano text. The work is presented in a mix of poetry, history, theory, technology and art combining past, present and future insofar as opens a perspective of continuity, observation and understanding of dispossession that characterizes this type of study. We recognize through this work how is fundamental to think about the conception of life multiplicity forms, since we believe that it is a plurality of a life and the lives that build the non-consensus in the context of everyday life and give sense to it, such with several shades.