Italian Journal of Animal Science (Jan 2010)

The alpine summer pastures in the Veneto Region: management systems

  • Maurizio Ramanzin,
  • Meriem Mrad,
  • Giampaolo Cocca,
  • Enrico Sturaro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 2s
pp. 313 – 315


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The aim of this study was to identify the management systems of the alpine summer pastures of the Veneto region and their geographical distribution, by means of detailed questionnaires on 417 holdings. A non-hierarchical cluster analysis identified 5 different management systems: 1: milk and cheese production, 2: milk and cheese with agritourism, 3: milk without cheese, 4: disadvantaged holdings with prevalence of sheep and goats; 5: holdings with dry and replacement cows. The different groups showed also a clear tendency to concentrate spatially in different portions of the study area. Regional policies should consider this variability to better sustain the alpine summer pasture management systems.