Tichodroma (Dec 2016)

Prvý priamo zaznamenaný prípad predácie kolónií vodného vtáctva norkom americkým (Neovision vison) na Slovensku / First recorded case of direct predation of waterbird colonies by American Mink (Neovision vison) in Slovakia

  • Štefan BENKO,
  • Andrej CHUDÝ,
  • Jozef RIDZOŇ

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28
pp. 82 – 85


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The article describes first recorded occurrence of American Mink at Danube river in Slovakia in 2010 and following changes in numbers of breeding Common Terns. Their breeding numbers reached the highest value at 377 pairs in Dunajské luhy SPA in 2011. Then numbers decreased there to 185 in 2015 (by 51%), when the first case of predation was directly documented by camera traps in colony of 60 tern pairs.