FACETS (Jan 2021)

Dialogical teaching of research integrity: an overview of selected methods

  • Agnieszka Koterwas,
  • Agnieszka Dwojak-Matras,
  • Katarzyna Kalinowska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6
pp. 2138 – 2154


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This communication discusses the dialogical methods of teaching research integrity and ethics as a part of the positive integrity trend focused on supporting ethical behaviour. The aim of this paper is to offer a brief overview of the selected dialogical strategies based on cases that can be successfully implemented in teaching ethical research and when sharing experiences on good scientific practice. We describe such methods as: storytelling, rotatory role playing, and the fishbowl debate, along with the “Dilemma Game” tool, “ConscienceApp” performance, and a flipped classroom idea. These theoretical considerations are based on research conducted as part of a European project under the Horizon 2020 programme.