Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine (Jan 2014)

Relations of Latent Anthropometric Dimentions to Succees in Judo Bout

  • Ivan Segedi,
  • Hrvoje Sertić

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8


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The global objective of this research was determining the relations between anthropometric variables with success in judo bout. The research was conducted on a sample of 122 subjects. The sample of variables consisted of 18 anthropometric measures, out of which three latent dimensions were isolated by the use of factor analysis. Three latent dimensions (factors) represent a set of predictive variables. Criterion is defined as a success in judo bout and it is represented by two criteria variables; number of wins and technical efficiency in judo bout. To test the relations of latent anthropometric variables with success in the bout the regression analysis was used. Statistically significant but low connections were found between anthropometric variables and the two criteria. As only the factor volume and mass of the body partially contribute to the explanation of criteria, one can conclude that the active muscle mass is in the background of achieved connection.