Applied Sciences (Nov 2022)

A Survey of Applications of Deep Learning in Radio Signal Modulation Recognition

  • Tiange Wang,
  • Guangsong Yang,
  • Penghui Chen,
  • Zhenghua Xu,
  • Mengxi Jiang,
  • Qiubo Ye

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 23
p. 12052


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With the continuous development of communication technology, the wireless communication environment becomes more and more complex with various intentional and unintentional signals. Radio signals are modulated in different ways. The traditional radio modulation recognition technology cannot recognize the modulation modes accurately. Consequently, the communication system has embraced Deep Learning (DL) models as they can automatically recognize the modulation modes and have better accuracy. This paper systematically summarizes the related contents of radio Automatic Modulation Recognition (AMR) based on DL over the last seven years. First, we summarize the current research status of modulation recognition and the necessity of AMR research based on DL. Then, we review current radio AMR methods based on DL. In addition, we also propose a network model of AMR based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and prove its effectiveness. Finally, we highlight existing challenges and research directions of radio AMR based on DL.