Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology (2012-01-01)

Midazolam-induced acute dystonia reversed by diazepam

  • Mustafa Komur,
  • Ali Ertug Arslankoylu,
  • Cetin Okuyaz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28, no. 3
pp. 368 – 370


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Midazolam can induce acute dystonia in childhood. We report the development of acute dystonia in a 6-year-old girl after receiving midazolam as a sedative. Dystonic contractions persisted despite flumazenil and biperiden lactate injections and the patient was treated with diazepam. Acute dystonia was rapidly abolished after the administration of diazepam intravenously. Diazepam may be an effective treatment option in patients who are unresponsive to flumazenil.