Medicamentul Veterinar (Dec 2015)

Elemente de terapie oncologică la animale / Elements of oncological therapy animals

  • Andreia B. Chirila,
  • Eugenia Dumitrescu,
  • Florin Muselin,
  • Romeo T. Cristina

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 2
pp. 29 – 54


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This bibliographic essay is an attempt to recall the main elements applicable in the oncologic therapy useful also in veterinary medicine. In the paper are presented: the pharmacological principles of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncologic surgery, nanoterapia and some modern methodologies (photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy, electrochimioterapia, vascular disruption agents). The last chapter is dedicated to phytotherapy, as alternative therapy in oncology with the presentation of the main plants known and used in cancer therapy in animals.