Cross section measurements in the 12C+12C system

EPJ Web of Conferences. 2017;165:01015 DOI 10.1051/epjconf/201716501015


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Courtin S.

Jiang C.L.

Fruet G.

Heine M.

Jenkins D.G.

Adsley P.

Morris L.G.

Regan P.H.

Rudigier M.

Montanari D.

Della Negra S.

de Séréville N.

Haas F.

Hammache F.

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Lesrel J.

Meyer A.

Montanari D.

Auranen K.

Avila M.L.

Ayangeakaa A.D.

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Bottoni S.

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Henderson D.J.

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Kuvin S.A.

Lauritsen T.

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Lefebvre-Schuhl A.

Almaraz-Calderon S.

Fang X.

Tang X.D.

Alcorta M.

Bucher B.

Albers M.

Bertone P.


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The 12C+12C fusion reaction is one of the most important for nuclear astrophysics since it determines the carbon ignition in stellar environments. Two experiments which make use of the gamma-particle coincidence technique to measure the 12C+12C S-factors at deep sub barrier energies are discussed. Results are presented showing a decrease of the S-factor below Ec.m. = 3 MeV.