Inequalities оf Socio-Economic Development оf The Subjects оf the Russian Federation

Мир новой экономики. 2018;0(4):32-39


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Journal Title: Мир новой экономики

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Publisher: Government of the Russian Federation, Financial University

Society/Institution: Government of the Russian Federation, Financial University

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Industries. Land use. Labor: Management. Industrial management: Competition | Social Sciences: Finance

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

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S. V. Kazantsev (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences)


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The notion of inequality is studied in this paper. The author argues that an inequality (a no coincidence, difference, distinction) of objects is typical for the nature and society and exists objectively. He developed some technique for the level of inequality quantitative estimation and applies this technique to assess unequal socio-economic situation in the Russia’s regions. The study has shown that such inequality has a long history. It markedly deepened after 2000. There is a polarization of regions: at one pole, one may see a growing number of relatively more developed in economic terms, relatively more wealthy and successful subjects of the Russian Federation, at the other extreme, the number of relatively poor regions is increasing. The number of regions between these poles is decreasing.