Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (2016-01-01)

Zarządzanie jakością w rozwoju agroturystyki w wybranych powiatach województwa małopolskiego

  • Arkadiusz Niedziółka

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 33


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Quality management in agritourism is an essential factor in this popular form of rural tourism development. Ascpects of management in agritourism services relate to all kinds of basic services and complementary ones related to runnning agritourism activity. The quality can be seen in the level of services for tourists, in providing accommodation and catering. Quality in agritourism is also suitable recreational services offered to vacationists. Quality management in agritourism is important becasue effectively implemented enables the provision of tourism services for guests at a sufficiently high level. In this paper the methods of quality management in agritourism on the example of the four counties in the Malopolska: Limanowa, Myslenice, Suski and Wadowice have been presented. The state of agritourism development in this region of Malopolska have been characterized. The quality of agritourism services have been shown, taking into account the agritourism products offered, innovative services, institutional surroundings support and relation marketing. The results of studies carried out in offices of the municipalities mentioned administrative units and owners of tourist farms operating in selected two municipalities. Quality in agritourism significantly affects the agritourism flow. Categorized agritourism farms, associated in agritourism associations, having an interesting and varied leisure offers for its guests have a better chance to reach potentials tourists. Appropriate and high-level service vacationers are also the elements of quality determing the agritourism flow development.