Data in Brief (2016-12-01)

Graphical dataset on important medicinal plants used for curing dental issues in Manoor Valley, Mansehra, Pakistan

  • Inayat Ur Rahman,
  • Farhana Ijaz,
  • Aftab Afzal,
  • Zafar Iqbal,
  • Niaz Ali,
  • Muhammad Azhar Khan,
  • Muhammad Afzal,
  • Said Muhammad,
  • Ghulam Qadir,
  • Muhammad Asif

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. C
pp. 1028 – 1033


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The graphical dataset in this paper is related to the research article entitled “A novel survey of the ethno medicinal knowledge of dental problems in Manoor Valley (Northern Himalaya), Pakistan” (I.U. Rahman, F. Ijaz, Z. Iqbal, A. Afzal, N. Ali, M. Afzal, M.A. Khan, S. Muhammad, G. Qadir, M. Asif, 2016) [1]. This article describes how the local community of Manoor Valley practices cultural / traditional knowledge for dental problems. For the recorded data of 25 medicinal plants, six quantitative ethnomedicinal statistical approaches / equations were used. Out of these indices, four were used to measure the most imported and cited medicinal plant species while two for the comparative analysis to evaluate the novelty of work.