Društvene i Humanističke Studije (Nov 2018)

A Novel About The Gradaščević’s - The First And The Last Chance Of Triune Bosnian Nation: A Frame For Interpretation Of A Novel „ Kobno Raspuće“ Written By Halid Kadrić

  • Vedad Spahić

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 3(6)
pp. 201 – 210


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This piece of work tries to give a theortically methodolocigal and practical frame as for the interpretation of the novel „ Kobno raspuće“ written by Bosnian and Herzegovinian writer Halid Kadrić that’s how for the whole number of books written in the last twenty years with the emphasis on fictionalisation of historical people and happenings. Most appropriate starting point fot the interpretation of such texts is the inter methodological synergy of cultural and hermeneutical theories (primarily the theory of possibleworlds) with classical structural narratology. Generally, the word is about the texts that coquet with those poetics, personally (pseudo)romantic and trivial, and which in a large scale can meet populist and popular objectives. With all the reserve to relevance of cognitive and heuristic apects of literary texts one can not point out historical and geo-political credibility of macroplan of Kadrić’s novelistic chronotope and shrewdness in composition of mosaic of one time which as a literary unit acts more convincgly than some opinionated historiographic narration on the same topic. Author, however, did not succed to aestheticly show internal world of the novel. Black and white simplification of thecharacters, romantic, auratic idealisation and other schematizm have moved literary physiognomy of Kadrić’s heroes to opposite proportion- the bigger historical significance the less literal credibility of the character.